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Description as provided per {{{description}}}.

No. Element Rarität Max Lv. Kosten
{{{no}}} {{{element}}} {{{{{rarity}}}}} {{{maxlv}}} {{{cost}}}
Basis {{{hp_base}}} {{{atk_base}}} {{{def_base}}} {{{rec_base}}}
Fürst {{{hp_lord}}} {{{atk_lord}}} {{{def_lord}}} {{{rec_lord}}}
Anima {{{hp_anima}}}* {{{atk_lord}}} {{{def_lord}}} {{{rec_anima}}}*
Brecher {{{hp_lord}}} {{{atk_breaker}}}* {{{def_breaker}}}* {{{rec_lord}}}
Wächter {{{hp_lord}}} {{{atk_guardian}}}* {{{def_guardian}}}* {{{rec_lord}}}
Orakel {{{hp_oracle}}}* {{{atk_lord}}} {{{def_lord}}} {{{rec_oracle}}}*
*In-Game-Statistiken können leicht abweichen.
Leader Skill {{{ls}}}
Brave Burst {{{bb}}}
( {{{bbtype}}} )
BB: Battle crystal icon{{{bbgauge}}} CB
Super Brave Burst {{{sbb}}}
( {{{sbbtype}}} )
SBB: Battle crystal icon{{{sbbgauge}}} CB
Normaler Angriff BB SBB
Anzahl der Angriffe {{{combo_hits}}} Category {{{bbhits}}} {{{sbbhits}}}
CB erhalt {{{ccant}}} {{{ccbbt}}} {{{ccsbbt}}}Battle crystal icon
Material {{{evomats1}}} {{{evomats2}}} {{{evomats3}}} {{{evomats4}}} {{{evomats5}}}
+Zell thum{{{evozelcost}}} Zel
Comment l'obtenir
Informations supplémentaires
Additional information and notes as provided per {{{notes}}}.


|id             = 
|no             = 
|element        = 
|rarity         = ★
|cost           = 
|maxlv          = 
|basexp         = 
|description    = 
|summon         = 
|fusion         = 
|evolution      = 
|hp_base        = 
|atk_base       = 
|def_base       = 
|rec_base       = 
|hp_lord        = 
|atk_lord       = 
|def_lord       = 
|rec_lord       = 
|hp_anima       = 
|rec_anima      = 
|atk_breaker    = 
|def_breaker    = 
|atk_guardian   = 
|def_guardian   = 
|hp_oracle      = 
|rec_oracle     = 
|lordonly       = 
|combo_hits     = 
|ls             = 
|lsdescription  = 
|bb             = 
|bbdescription  = 
|bbtype         = 
|bbhits         = 
|bbgauge        = 
|sbb            = 
|sbbdescription = 
|sbbtype        = 
|sbbhits        = 
|evofrom        = 
|evointo        = 
|evomats1       = 
|evomats2       = 
|evomats3       = 
|evomats4       = 
|evomats5       = 
|evozelcost     = 
|howtoget       = 
|notes          = 
|addcat         = 
|addcatname     = 

Description and UsageBearbeiten

Template Field Description
id 5-digit game ID assigned to unit
no In-game position in unit roster
element Feu, Eau, Terre, Foudre, Lumière, Ténèbres
This field will also determine the category and color schemed used.
rarity ★, ★★, ★★★, etc.
This field will also determine the catgory for unit rarity.
cost Unit cost. This field will also determine the category for unit costs.
maxlv Max level unit can be reach
basexp The initial value of Next Lv (XP required to raise unit from Lv 1 to Lv 2) (Should be 10, 15 or 21)
description In-game, background lore for unit
summon Message when you successfully summon this unit
fusion Message when fusing to this unit
evolution Message when lower unit has been evolved into this unit
hp_baseInitial/Base values, i.e., Level 1 stats for all unit types.
hp_lordMaximum values for Lord unit type.
hp_animaHighest known HP for Anima unit type.
rec_animaLowest known REC for Anima unit type.
atk_breakerHighest known ATK for Breaker unit type.
def_breakerLowest known DEF for Breaker unit type.
atk_guardianLowest known ATK for Guardian unit type.
def_guardianHighest known DEF for Guardian unit type.
hp_oracleLowest known HP for Oracle unit type.
rec_oracleHighest known REC for Oracle unit type.
lordonlyThis unit is only available as a "Lord" type
combo_hitsNumber of hits a normal attack does, used to better coordinate Sparks
lsLeader Skill name. Defaults to "None".
lsdescriptionLeader Skill description and effect. Defaults to "None."
bbBrave Burst name
bbdescriptionBrave Burst description and effect.
bbtypeBrave Burst type, for fusing and leveling Brave Bursts. Categorizes units by this type as well.
bbhitsNumber of hits a brave burst attack does, used to better coordinate Sparks
bbgaugeThe number of Battle Crystals required for the BB gauge to fill
sbbSUPER Brave Burst name
sbbdescriptionSUPER Brave Burst description and effect.
sbbtypeSUPER Brave Burst type, for fusing and leveling Brave Bursts. Categorizes units by this type as well.
sbbhitsNumber of hits a SUPER Brave Burst attack does, used to better coordinate Sparks
evofrom5-digit game ID of unit this unit evolves from.
evointo5-digit game ID of unit this unit evolves into.
evomats15-digit game ID of the units needed to evolve this unit.
evozelcostThe amount of Zel needed to evolve unit.
howtogetFree text notes about how to obtain the unit, e.g.
Honor Summon, Special Dungeon, Facebook contest, etc.
notesAdditional information and notes for the readers
addcatAdditional category to be added to the unit detail page
addcatnameWhat the unit will be sorted as in the Additional Category

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